Cool video for Tilbury’s Cool Confrontation

Artist: Tilbury | Song: Cool Confrontation

One of last years best Icelandic albums came from Tilbury. Originally founded by Þormóður Dagsson as a solo project in 2010, Tilbury is now a band with members hailing from groups such as Hjaltalín, Valdimar, Sin Fang and Amiina. The album, Northern Comfort, is a beautiful piece of mellow and melancholy synth pop produced by Aron Þ. Arnarsson who has worked with artists like Björk, John Grant, Of Monsters and Men, Gus Gus and The Brian Jonestown Massacre just to name a few.

Now designer Sölvi Dúnn Snæbjörnsson has done a video for the song Cool Confrontation, taken from the album, where an strange animated version of the band performs.

Bombastic new single from Biggi Hilmars

Artist: Biggi Hilmars | Single: Spegilmynd

Songwriter, singer and musician Biggi Hilmars blends many genres – classical, ambient and some electronic – to create his own personal soundscape. His compositions has been featured in film trailers, commercials, plays and television series.

Spegilmynd (Mirror) is Biggi Hilmars new single and the first in his native language. It was written together with his girlfriend María Kjartans, who also did the cover artwork. Recorded in five different studios between Reykjavik, Los Angeles and London, it’s been the longest song in progress that he has ever created. The sound is big with a full orchestra playing intense and bombastic.

Icelandic film maker Bara Brandsdottir has made a short documentary on a few Icelandic artists including Biggi Hilmars; which gives an insight into his everyday life, his music creations, background and inspirations.

Quotation of The Day: Gigwise


“A land like no other, Iceland has produced some of the most innovative, unique and beautiful bands and artists of our generation. From unfathomably bonkers female stars to epic, stadium-filling post rock and girls who play the theramin, to celebrate National Iceland Day, these are the Icelandic bands you need in your life.”

Gigwise lists the ten best Icelandic bands according to them. Among them are Retro Stefson, Amiina and Seabear. Do you miss any artist on the list?



Björk on Display at MOMA


The Museum Of Modern Art in New York has officially announced a retrospective exhibition dedicated entirely to Björk and her multifaceted musical career and collaborations. The exhibition, titled simply Björk will open in March 2015 and be on display for three months. Incorporated into the exhibition will be elements spanning Björk’s entire 20-year solo career, including costumes, performances, instruments and more. It will also highlight her many artistic collaborators over the years. Working with longtime friend and ally Sjón, Björk has written a new narrative thread that will tie together all her work in a way never seen before and include a brand new audio/visual piece created by Björk, Andrew Huang and Autodesk. Moreover Björk’s Biophilia app will be the first project of its kind to be added to the museum’s permanent collection.

News from Bjö

Funky fashion film with new music from Sometime

Artist: Sometime | Single: I Will Run

The band Sometime just released the single I Will Run. These two Icelandic music veterans – singer Diva de la Rosa (Rósa Birgitta Ísfeld) and band founder theDanni (Daniel Thorsteinsson) – make emotionally charged pop music together. Their first album Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was released in 2009. Three years later came Acid Make-Out: Music from the Motion Picture, a soundtrack to a short film of the same name. Now they are working on their third album. Sometime will also play live at the Secret Solstice Festival in Reykjavik and Extreme Chill Festival in Berlin this summer.

The clip above features I Will Run in a promotional film for the Icelandic fashion designer K O L B R U N.

Kolfinna makes cover of The XX cover


Artist: Kolfinna | Song: Shelter

Young Icelandic debutant Kolfinna Þorgrímsdóttir has made a cover of Shelter by The XX.  And also made a simple, but nice video for it. Kolfinna is just starting her musical career, but says that she would like to be in a band and play music with others. She is learning to play the guitar and aspires to write her own songs in the future.*

The brilliant, very sparse, original by The XX has been covered by many other artists, with notable versions coming from Birdy – English recording artist Jasmine Van den Bogaerde – and Hercules and Love Affair. Kolfinnas version is so heavily influenced by Birdy’s version, that it’s actually more of a cover of the cover.

Here is Kolfinna’s new video for Shelter:

Here’s is Birdy’s version of the same song.

And here is the original in a vibrant live version:

* Source: Visir

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