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Øye on Korean tour with Hjálmar in new video

Artist: Erlend Øye (and Hjálmar) | Single: Garota

The Norwegian singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Erlend Øye presents the music video for his new single Garota. Erlend Øye is best-know for being a member of both indie folk-pop duo Kings Of Convenience and Berlin-based dance-pop project Whitest Boy Alive. But since the latter has broken up and no Kings of Convinience release is planned, Øye has been working on his solo album Legao instead. We’ve already posted the first single Fence Me In, now it’s time for single number two; Garota.

For Legao Øye has rounded up members of the legendary Icelandic reggae band Hjálmar. On Fence Me In the reggae influences were obvious with offbeat guitar and organ-shuffle. On Garota the reggae sound is more toned down, but still colored with horns and hammond in a distinctive Hjálmaresque way.

The album was recorded in Reykjavik, but the video was filmed in South Korea by director Michael Beech. The beautifully shot film documents a stadium-size show in Seoul with Erlend Øye backed up by Hjálmar, but also tells a fictional romantic story about Øye and a Korean garota, which means girl in portugese.

The album will be released October the 3rd via Bubble Records.

Really cool song and video from Grísalappalísa

Artist: Grísalappalísa | Single: ABC

Congratulations! Here’s a present for you. The first single from Grísalappalísa’s upcoming album Rökréttu Framhaldi. And we hand it over wrapped in a fantastic video. And the best part is yet to come. When it’s finally unwrapped you’ll discover that ABC is a really cool – and almost catchy – song. Here Grislappalisa sound like they are the long awaited heirs to Sugarcubes (without Björk) with a splash of Madness (the English ska/pop band from the eighties).

The video is a visual fiest; An oiled down Gunnar Ragnarsson prances around in an outfit heavily influenced by A Clockwork Orange. Flying band aids. A very handsome beard. Ham and other deli meats. And make-up, lots of make up. What can go wrong with that combination? Nothing off course.

Some facts about Grísalappalísa: The name comes from a song by Megas, the iconoclastic Tom Waits-ian Icelandic singer, and translates to something like “Pig Legged Lisa”. The band includes members from Jakobínurína, Oyama and The Heavy Experience. Quote from the band description on Facebook: “The group was founded on the idea of writing razor-sharp Icelandic lyrics firmly rooted in the Icelandic literary tradition and blending them with the groups raw freewheeling kraut and punk rock cocktail.” Rökréttu Framhaldi is released on the Icelandic National Day, 17 June.

Myndra: Frenchy and folksy new band


Artist: Myndra | Album: Songs From Your Collarbone

Formed in the streets of Reykjavik, Myndra is the meeting of Icelandic singer-songwriter Linus Orri,  multi-instrumentalist Antoine Létourneau-Berger and violinist Raphael Arsenault.  Linus Orri met his Canadian bandmates in Iceland when they stayed at his home as coach surfers. They have recorded their music in Antoine’s and Raphael’s hometown Rimourski, a small touristic city in the french-speaking Canadian province Quebec. The result is intimate, mellow and atmospheric songs with folk impulses.

Myndra are releasing their album Songs from Your Collarbone at the end of May and will have a release concert in The Nordic House in Reykjavík 7 June. They have already put out some tracks on Soundcloud for your instant listening pleasure: