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Video premiere: Dark Water by Agent Fresco

Artist: Agent Fresco | Single: Dark Water

After their EP Lightbulb Universe (2008), the concept album A Long Time Listening (2010) and a tour abroad it’s soon time for Agent Fresco’s third album. The yet untitled new record is set to be released at the end of the summer. The pre-release single Dark Water came out a week ago and today it was premiere of the crisp video by Marino Thorlacius.

Dark Water is a song we dare to call epic, in the word’s true sense. A powerful and bombastic rock anthem combined with a wonderfully intricate arrangement and melody. We specifically enjoy that short piano break before the last crescendo of the song; a polyrhythmic little masterpiece of it’s own. On top of that, singer Arnór Dan Arnarson stretches his world-class voice with amazing intensity – bordering to an operatic performance. We’re pretty sure that this will count as a classic Agent Fresco song in the future.

An eruption of quality music from Iceland


Artists: Various | Album: This Is Icelandic Indie Music Vol. 2

For some exciting new Icelandic music check out a new compilation released by Record RecordsThis Is Icelandic Indie Music Vol. 2 features thirteen tracks, all of them Record Records artists. The first volume came out in 2013 and was the biggest selling compilation that was released in Iceland that year. 

Record Records is an independent record label based in Reykjavík. The labels roster includes an impressive line-up of artists such as Of Monsters and Men, Bloodgroup, Agent Fresco, Mammút, Ensími, Lára Rúnars, Sykur and more.

All the artist on the new record are members of the label, and the quality of work is extremely high. We have written about many of the tracks here on Icytopics, just click on the links below to read more. You can also listen to the album on Spotify, or download on iTunes or Amazon.  Do it! It’s worth every second of your time…


  1. Mammút – Blóðberg
  2. Ojba Rasta – Ég veit ég vona
  3. FM Belfast – Brighter Days
  4. Agent Fresco – Dark Water
  5. Benny Crespo’s Gang – Birthmarks
  6. Leaves – Ocean
  7. Mono Town – Peacemaker
  8. Júníus Meyvant – Color Decay
  9. Lay Low – Gently
  10. Tilbury – Turbulence
  11. Vök – Before
  12. Hymnalaya – In My Early Years
  13. Snorri Helgason – Kveðja

Dramatic and cinematic teaser from Agent Fresco

Artist: Agent Fresco | Teaser: Dark Water

They’ve got the poetic lyrics, the nonlinear arrangements, melodies you can drown in and neckbreaker riffs alternating with swaying metallic grooves. Arnór Dan Arnarson, the front man, has a soothing, melodic voice that fits perfectly. His vocals hit every range from quiet whispers to falsetto notes to hard rock screams. Their numerous styles don’t always blend perfectly, but they create a solid sound that defines the band. 

Now it’s time for Agent Fresco to release their long-awaited second album. They’ve got a new single called Dark Water coming out soon, and it’s definitely something to look forward to. Check out the teaser trailer above by Bowen Staines.